Delivery of information on real time for making intelligent and informed decisions.


An intelligent system of information provides relevant data of an organization that allows the analysis of information and enables the taking of timely and intelligent decisions.

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Accessibility from anywhere and from any smart device.
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Interact with all your community (clients, partners, collaborators, etc.)
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Connect all the areas of your organization through modules.
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Consult information in real time.

Obtain immediate visibility related to the current situation of your organization, through the different modules that conform it.

Make the best Finance decisions with information in real time.

Acceso al portal EN
Your providers have access to the portal where they can access purchase orders and upload the related invoices, which prevents delays and double snapshots of information.
Visibilidad flujo EN
Visibility of cash flow instantly to make the best decisions regarding the most important asset of an organization, “money”.
Visibilidad EN
Visibility at the moment of profitability of each one of your businesses or projects within the organization.
Procesos automatizados EN
Automated processes of disbursements and income, ensuring agility in the Finance operations and the elimination of snapshot errors.

Centralized management of the human talent of the organization.

Talento EN
Identify the key talent within your organization, plan your growth routes, create the ideal conditions for its development and ensure its development.
Encuesta 360 EN
Carry out 360° surveys to the collaborators to have a better understanding of the complete environment that surrounds you, obtaining important information to create or adjust the growth plans.
Seguimiento EN
Follow-up to the growth plans and performance metrics of the collaborators, generating belonging to the organization.
Gestion eficiente EN
Efficient management for the attraction and incorporation of talent into the organization.

Control and follow-up of the projects of the organization.

Aseguramiento EN
Assurance that all the projects go through the “Operative Module”, since all the processes related to all the phases of the project are automated, ensuring the generation of the deliverables in each phase.
Transparencia EN
It provides transparency to your clients about the status of the projects in real time and in a timely manner.
Herramienta EN
The ideal tool to achieve clarity of all the project portfolio of the organization.

Attention and follow-up of the cases or tickets created by or for the client.

Ensure that the SLA (Service Level Agreement) of defined services are fulfilled, and prevent associated costs.
Experiencia EN
Increase the client’s experience and satisfaction, allowing him/her to create his/her cases on line and have the updated follow-up.
Informacion EN
Obtain relevant information from your clients through satisfaction surveys, technical support, service and projects.

System of online learning

Cursos y certificaciones EN
Provide your clients with courses and certifications on the use of your products, reducing costs in training courses.
Colaboradores EN
Allow your collaborators, clients and partners to be trained with a broad variety of online courses.
Visibilidad EN
Receive visibility regarding the progress of each of your students.
Facilita cursos EN
Provides your collaborators induction courses, as well as those related with your business area or unit.

Generate a community with your collaborators, clients and strategic allies.

Generate a good user experience through the user-friendliness of the platform with personalized dashboards.
Acceso EN
Access all the information regarding the role of each user of the platform.
Cursos EN
The clients may have access to events, courses, resources, etc.
Rol de usuario EN
Users may ask and answer doubts regarding their role through the platform.

Request a consultancy and get to know its reach.

Request a consultancy and get to know its reach.