Notice of Privacy

Business MBGE INTERSYSTEMS S.A DE C.V states to be a limited Company with variable capital, constituted by Public Deed number 3,530 dated June 07, 1999 granted before Public Notary number 13 of the city of Zapopan, Jalisco LIC. JOSE GUSTAVO CHAVEZ LOZANO, registered under inscription 219-220 volume 707 book first of Commerce Registry of the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco; with residence in Av. López Mateos Nte. #95 interior 23-111, Italia Providencia, Guadalajara, Jalisco, C.P. 44648, (hereafter MBGE), that in accordance with what is set up in “Federal Law for Protection of Personal Data Owned by Individuals” (hereafter The Law), and as the responsible party for the treatment of its personal data, gives notice that the requested information will be kept strictly confidential.

The law provisions contribute with our objective of protecting your personal data; consequently, you shall be able to access the content of the Law through the Federal Government portals, by means of the Ministry of Interior and the House of Representatives of the H. Congress of the Union in the following addresses: http://www.  y  http://www.

The security of your information is our priority, consequently, we protect it through the use, application and maintenance of high technical, physical and administrative security measures. Hereby, we request your expressed consent so that MBGE, may access and address personal data: name, residence, telephone, Unique Population Registry Key, Federal Taxpayer Registry

Your personal information shall be used for the following purposes: provide the requested services and products; notify you about new services or products regarding what has already been hired of acquired; communicate changes thereto; development of studies necessary to determine consumer habits; carry out periodic evaluations of ours product and services with the purpose of improving the quality thereto; evaluate the quality of the service we provide, and in general, comply  with the obligations we have undertaken with you.

All of your personal data is treated in accordance with the applicable law in force in the country, thus we inform you that you have at every moment the rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation or Oppose(ARCO). Likewise, in the moment you may deem appropriate you may exercise your ARCO rights related to the treatment of the provided personal data, as well as revoke the granted consent in this document, whereby you should contact us through the email address “”; in accordance with what has been established in the Law and its Guidelines the procedure and the requirements that your application should have, are the following: (1) Name and Residence, if you don´t include the address it will be deemed as not received (2) The document that credits your identity or the representative of your legal personality. (Current copy of official identification.) The representative shall credit the identity of the holder, identity of the representative, and his/her faculties of representation by means of a public instrument or power of attorney signed before two witnesses, or declaration in personal appearance of the holder; (3) Clear and precise description of the personal data you wish to access, rectify, cancel or oppose; (4) Description of other elements that facilitate the location of your personal data. (portal Web, Branch.)

The documents must be scanned and annexed to the email to verify their authenticity. Once your submission to exercise your ARCO rights is received, duly integrated and with the legal requirements in force, you will receive a reply from us in a period of no more than 20 work days. If applicable, it shall become effective within 15 work days following the communication of our response. a

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MBGE has adopted the protection security levels for personal data legally required by the Law and its Guidelines, under the principles of legality, quality, consent, information, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility. All of this under strict security, confidentiality and information coherence rules. The Web Site of MBGE connects with certain links from other webpages Web that belong to third parties over which MBGE holds no control. In these cases, MBGE assumes no liability whatsoever nor commitment regarding the privacy policies of the information included in those webpages.

This Privacy declaration is subject to the Privacy Policy of MBGE which constitutes a legal agreement between you and MBGE. MBGE reserves its right to effect at any moment modifications of actualizations to the foregoing privacy notice, for the attention to legislative and jurisprudential developments, internal policies, any modification to Privacy Notice shall be available through our portal Web / section “privacy notice”.

When you browse MBGE’s web site, it means that you have read, understood and are in agreement with the above-mentioned terms.

The foregoing Privacy Notice has been modified on July 19, 2019.