What is Fintech and how does it benefit from technology?

Fintech is a term that has around 10 years which began in the United States and Europe, it was expanding around the world as part of the innovation of the financial sector. A Fintech is a company that incorporates technology to improve its services such as granting loans, investments, or digital banking, just to mention a few.

Some of the challenges that finance companies face are:

– Cybersecurity

– Activation of credit plans

– Banking services

– Impact on liquidity

– Improved user experience

– Data analysis management

There are different technologies on the market that help Fintech companies to be able to automate their processes, such as artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, intelligence in the cloud, creation of low-code applications, among others. The final consumers of financial companies are increasingly exposed to technological changes, this forces them to initiate strategies where the delivery of their services enables a better relationship with the client.

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At MBGE we have a success story with our financial client Crédito Real, where we were able to reduce their loan granting time from 48 hours to 30 minutes. This was provided from the integration of the technology of two of our technology partners: Appian and Amazon Web Services. With the power of Appian with low-code technology in intelligent application creation and security in the AWS cloud plus our design, integration, and implementation of the solution, we achieved exponential growth in our client.

Learn about the full case here: How to innovate in the financial sector and join the fintech system

At MBGE, as well as Appian and AWS, we have technology partners in software robot technology that are BluePrism and UitPath, thanks to the support of these technologies, we create customized solutions for financial companies seeking to start a digital transformation project, which distinguishes us It is the consulting and experience where we identify the core business processes and implement projects that make sense of the corporate objectives.

We are the technological ally that cares about the evolution of fintech, ensuring that it can be at the forefront of the market, being competitive and a Fintech benchmark.

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