What is the future of Digital Transformation in 2021?

One of the main and great lessons that 2020 leaves us is that Digital Transformation must focus on processes and strategies, the COVID-19 pandemic, forced organizations to redirect 45% of their investments mainly in the infrastructure of IT and 38% in cloud infrastructure, both turning into strong trends by 2021.

The private initiative had to accelerate its process of digitization of processes, to be able to train its teams, increase specialized talent and sophistication of leadership, who do not adapt to change even with the need to transform, run the risk of facing major crises.

Predictions specialized in Digital Transformation mention that the public sector, the chains of consumer goods, financial services, and insurance will be protagonists in 2021.

The public sector will be pushed to adopt the digital signature since many of its procedures and platforms will be forced to migrate to virtual platforms.

For its part, the chain of consumer goods will be increasingly precise as logistics processes will be optimized, analysis platforms will be implemented data that improve strategic decision-making based on predictive and learning models through technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Likewise, financial services and insurance, are being forced to digitize 100% of their service delivery to their client final, which in turn will push to have highly trained staff in customer retention, providing the best online service.

Artificial Intelligence has a competitive advantage that will be decisive in the continuity of operations, since it offers the ability to access new possibilities to optimize processes, facilitates business customization, and provides access to new and greater amounts of data that are used to detect almost anything.

Another objective that we have to face during 2021 is the personalization of digital experiences in business based on data since this has been positioned as a priority for companies that seek to reach out directly and connect with their users efficiently, promoting the detection of immediate customer preferences that become relevant when adapting key strategies.

The constant for 2021 will be that organizations will continue to innovate and evolve, their performance and efficiency will depend on how quickly they adopt Digital Transformation and the way to survive is by focusing not only on business objectives but also on the end customer approach.

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