SMAART Evolution Operations Team

At MBGE, the SMAART Evolution business unit has an operations team, which is responsible for the development and solution line, as well as the automation of all the processes that the organization needs.

In the same way, the operations area is in charge of identifying, designing, and transforming processes in a functional way with added value, so that a constant feedforward can be had, creating new projects and opportunities for the constant growth of the organization.

At SMAART Evolution our purpose is to evolve people and their environment, turning them into digital leaders. The experience and capacity provided by the operations team make our objective to offer a multi-experience through delivery times, quality, trust, and security.

It can be reflected in the speed with which we deliver a new version of the product to the customer while maintaining the same quality levels, the little time it takes to identify a problem or an error to later make a corrected version. Our team manages to cover all activities ranging from the identification of a need to the implementation of the solution, exceeding the expectations of the parties involved.

What is the methodology that we follow in the implementation of new projects?

  1. – Discovery
  2. – Diagnosis
  3. – Design
  4. – Implementation

Our team of SMAART Evolution experts is willing to reinvent your organization, generating multifunctional organizational well-being through the creation and design of applications powered by Appian technology and Amazon Web Services.

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