Automate your organization with RPA technology

The concept of RPA or Robotic Process Automation was born in the 90s, currently with the support of technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, among others, makes RPA can be strengthened, becoming a tool of tools and services that can be Offer to the market as part of a Digital Transformation path.

When the word robots are mentioned, we may think of a robotic arm or androids, however, process automation with software robots is an easy-to-use technology where experts can design and program bots to streamline the business processes of an organization.

The moment a person enters a new job, they are assigned a workplace, activities, schedules, roles, etc. With RPA technology it is the same, a robot is assigned all the tasks and characteristics that the technology expert decides to do.

When an organization decides to automate, part of the consulting process that we carry out at MBGE is to analyze results are the processes that, to make a proposal and a technological improvement project with RPA, three important aspects are taken into account to be able to automate their processes:

  • Rules-based process
  • Process with high processing volume
  • Process with digital involvement

If at MBGE we identify this type of process in an organization and start the RPA technology implementation project, the main benefit that can be obtained is the reduction of time in project execution.

I am going to explain it with a practical case; we have a client where every day he needs to make a bank reconciliation between invoices of what they say they sold vs. what clients say they bought. Previously, for the organization, it implied having 12 people working to process at least 2,000 invoices per day, one had to manually download invoice by invoice from a portal and make the reconciliation. Currently, with the automation of processes with RPA technology, we can do this process in .25 hours, that is, in 15 minutes.

Other benefits obtained from this technology are:

  • Elimination of errors
  • Keep humans focused on decision making
  • Productivity increase
  • Increased profitability of the organization

Software robots are the allies for people to focus 100% on strategic tasks, they usually realize the paradigm that by implementing this technology the human resource in organizations can be reduced, however, it is potentiated.

At MBGE we have several leading technology partners in their field in automation, specifically in RPA technology we have the support of BluePrism and UiPath, if you are looking to start your path of digital transformation with RPA technology projects, we start with an entire consultative process where we analyze and understand your needs, then we put together a tailor-made automation journey, with the ability to adapt to the changes you need in favor of your corporate objectives in the short, medium and long term, together we evolve your business processes and reinvent your organization.


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